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Successful delegates from the breakaway training course held on 12th Nov '18 at Pontypool

Last open course 12 Nov '18

This breakaway training course took place on 12th Nov

Introductory price £24.99

At Pontypool Active Living Centre

12th November 2018


This is an open course for individuals to book onto.

The course is designed to equip you with the skills necessary for breakaway and safe escape from an aggressive situation where defusing and de-escalation techniques have failed.

This is mostly a practical course, suitable for all levels of fitness.  

Who would benefit from breakaway training? The short answer is everyone, especially if you have ever found yourself in an environment where there was the potential for you to be exposed to aggressive behaviour then you would benefit from this training. 


By the end of the course, individuals should have an understanding: 

  1.  That breakaway and self-defence techniques are only used when all other options have failed.
  2. Of aspects of the Law in relation to the use of force for personal Defence and / or the Defence of others.
  3. Of the term ‘Reasonable Force’
  4. Apply the correct & safest way to defend themselves from a variety of situations.

Next course TBC

A date for the next breakaway training course will be confirmed soon.  Our last course was a great success and has already generated interest in future course.

Get in touch if you would like to be kept up to date with details on our next course.

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