Breakaway training

Kyoshin Personal Safety are specialists in providing breakaway training.

Some sectors of employment are more prone to physical confrontations and no matter how hard you try to resolve problematic issues, threatening behaviour is unavoidable.

Breakaway training aims to deal with these threatening situations by teaching the delegate the correct procedures for protecting themselves and those around them.

It’s very similar to self-defence in the way that it teaches protection and breakaway techniques in circumstances of aggression and physical assault. 

Why can't I just learn a martial art?

Teaching self defence is different from teaching a martial art

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The right course for you

We are able to tailor courses to meet your needs.  Ranging from regular short sessions over a few weeks to intensive day courses.  We can provide training to larger numbers by using a carousel system throughout the day.

Please get in touch to discuss how we could best work for you.

Previous courses

Breakaway course


12th Nov 2018


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Self defence/Breakaway training


14th Jan 2019


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Self defence/Breakawat training


15th July 2019


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