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Kyoshin personal Safety are always looking to improve the service we offer.  To that end, a little while ago we put out a survey.  We simply asked if people had attended any self-defence, personal safety or breakaway training course and if not, what was stopping them?  Here are our thoughts on the top four reasons given.

Reason 4 - I don’t think I could learn complicated technique

Kyoshin's founder started his career as a school teacher so our courses have been designed with an understanding of how people learn, this ensures the techniques can be remembered and reproduced by all participants. We know that for any technique to be effective, it has to be easy to perform and easy to remember. We also know that time to practise each technique is essential so ensure each course dedicates enough time for this and that our instructors know to check each participant is comfortable with what they have been shown.

Reason 3 - I don’t want to get into trouble if I use techniques

You have a legally protected right to protect yourself from harm. During our courses you will be given guidance regarding the law surrounding the use of reasonable force.

Reason 2 - I’m not sure I would want to hurt anyone

We completely agree, the last thing we need is any more people getting hurt. The skills taught on our courses have, at the core the aim to reduce incidents of aggression or harm. The techniques are designed to disengage a potential threat and create a window for escape. They all have the intention to deescalate volatile situations.

Reason 1 - I would feel self-conscious in a public place

Feeling self-conscious about attending a personal safety course was, by far the top reason given for not choosing to participate.

Kyoshin Personal Safety understands this and will do everything possible to alleviate these concerns. For example, all our courses are held in private rooms at easily accessible venues. Spectators are not usually allowed during our training events. We also endeavour to keep the number of participants as small as possible (average of 20 attendees). 

All this is to ensure each attendee feels comfortable in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

We, at Kyoshin know how much easier it is to attend if you are not alone (although, if you are be assured you will be welcomed, encouraged and made to feel comfortable and confident), so we offer substantial discounts if you book with a friend.

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