Julia Robinson

Julia Robinson
Breakaway training
self defence

School Teacher

'A well thought out session that left me feeling confident enough to use techniques to keep myself safe.  As the session taught legal implications, I am now much more aware of what is reasonable force - so I don't get into trouble.

The practical part of the session was brilliant and moves perfected until I was happy that I knew what I was doing.

The instructor was calm, confident and very knowledgable.

I recommend this course to anyone!'

Sally Wesley


Graphic Designer

'A well informed course covering all aspects from how the body reacts to stress to actually trying to create a space to escape an unwanted situation.'

Emily Hedley


Hospital Administrator

'Very informative course including practical techniques making me feel confident keeping myself safe.  It also includes a very interesting talk informing you of the laws and registration around using force to protect yourself, and the science behind how your body reacts to stress.

Very worthwhile and enjoyable course, I would highly recommend.'

Keely McDonald


Health Care Support Worker

'I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned new techniques.  I will use everything learned if ever required!

I would recommend to everyone as would be useful for every age.  thank you Ian.'

Geraldine Tarr


Learner Support Assistant

'This was a very informative course with some interesting background information.  the atmosphere was friendly and relaxed which made learning easier.'

Louise Ellis


Social Worker

'I was surprised at how easy the steps for the breakaway training were.  Ian instructed the group in a very easy to understand manner, ensuring that everybody was comfortable with each manoeuvre.

I would highly recommend Him.'

Rhiannon Harman


School Teacher

'The course was really informative with practical strategies, if I was out walking I would know how to escape safely and quickly'

Amanda Bourne


School Teacher

'All women should be aware of the breakaway techniques sought on the Kyoshin PS course.  The simple techniques taught were effective and have left me feeling confident in the belief that if the need arose, I would be able to protect myself in a threatening situation.'

Dawn Forbes



'Excellent course! Ian, who is well qualified to teach this course, delivered simple but effective ways to breakaway from different situations. He showed consideration for all ages & abilities & I’m a happier mother knowing my daughter now has some knowledge of how to escape possible difficulties. Ian even explains the relevant law & some interesting snippets of science. I’d recommend this course to everyone.'

Next course 15th July Newport Velodrome

The course is designed to equip you with the skills necessary for breakaway and safe escape from an aggressive situation where defusing and de-escalation techniques have failed.

This is mostly a practical course, suitable for all levels of fitness.  

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